Mortgage Compliance: QLink™ QC Audit Software

What Is QLink?

QLink is web-based quality control software that allows our clients to instantly access any mortgage compliance audit service they have contracted with us to perform. It even provides access to MetaSource’s QC audit software, QReviewTM, which allows clients to complete their own audits and outsource others to MetaSource simultaneously. QLink is an invaluable resource that enables you to track the following:

  • Key quality control metrics
  • Status of their reports in real time
  • All communications conducted and documented concerns on loans
  • Workflow processes
  • Final reports
  • Third party services used
  • And more

Mortgage Compliance QC Problem & Solution

Screenshot of QLink's dashboard

QC Audit Services

Historically, we conducted our audits and generated large PDFs for our clients to review their results. These proved to be cumbersome and difficult to ascertain “moderates” from “significants.” It was also difficult to find out which underwriter, loan type, or branch was the one performing poorly. Once these findings were established, it was we who were further challenged with the task to get the document over to the correct individual or department for review. The PDF had to be regenerated for additional interaction with the data. QLink solves all of these problems and integrates with ICE Mortgage Technology’s Encompass®, the industry’s most-recognized Loan Origination Software. QLink standardizes data collection to provide graphical representation of reporting results quickly. The results can be updated instantly with revisions that can be submitted online via our clients or completed by us once a request is received.

Key Results Displayed

  • Significant Findings by Ownership
  • Defect Loan Rate
  • Missing Documents
  • Net Metrics
  • Top Ten Findings

Users select the data they want to view by choosing a page from the Menu Tab. The following pages are available:

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