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A physical mailroom in a digital age is a drag on many types of businesses, but for organizations in the mortgage industry, it’s a problem that can be measured by the ton.

The mortgage industry is bursting with documents – from post-closing files to borrower documents to ordinary correspondence that every business generates. The process of manually sorting, routing, filing and indexing all of these documents is tedious, time-consuming and, with a digital mailroom, unnecessary.

A digital mailroom automates the entire process, efficiently delivering critical documents to both in-office and remote employees wherever they’re located.

MetaSource’s Digital Mailroom Services

If you’re in the mortgage industry receiving critical documents through a physical mailroom and email attachments, you’re unnecessarily spending time opening, sorting and distributing them. And the consequences are not just paper cuts. Missing and misplaced documents can quickly cut into your turn times, inflate your costs and leave you subject to findings – and fines.

That’s why our digital mailroom services are such a good fit for the mortgage industry.

With a digital mailroom from MetaSource, you gain several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency for both remote and in-office teams
  • Reduced overhead costs with the ability to reallocate resources to more valuable tasks
  • Enriched decision-making through faster access to key information
  • Improved compliance with streamlined document capture for increased confidentiality and security
  • Expedited mortgage process with a document management infrastructure that eliminates inefficiencies

If you want to prevent bottlenecks and the prospect of unhappy investors and customers, outsourcing mailroom services is the solution for you. A high-quality digital mailroom service can get your documents into the right hands quickly and easily, no matter where you or your employees are working.

MetaSource offers a trailing document service as well. We scan and process trailing documents, and also track down and correct missing documents or inconsistent information.

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How a Digital Mailroom Can Boost Mortgage Efficiency

By outsourcing your mailroom, you expedite the entire mortgage process. How? With intelligent capture technology, fast processing, high security standards, searchability features, custom solutions, and proven methods for eliminating mortgage process friction.

With 30+ years of experience, MetaSource has the deep expertise in capture, workflow automation and mortgage compliance required to provide you with an efficiency-boosting digital mailroom solution.

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