Loan Boarding Solution

Is the data in your servicing platform often incorrect? Is your staff having trouble finding loan files? Does your loan boarding process lack transparency of incoming loans? Is your loan integrity suffering as a result?

Overcome these common mortgage servicing challenges by reimagining your process with MetaSource’s Loan Boarding.

The Answer to Your Loan Boarding Challenges

Built on automation technology and industry expertise, MetaSource’s loan boarding solution is trusted by mortgage servicers and subservicers throughout the nation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upfront loan file cleanse: We eliminate exact duplicates, identify corrupt files, and validate your data upon receipt to avoid processing defective loans and save you time down the road.
  2. Document classification: Every document is classified by type and mapped to your taxonomy at an accuracy level of 99% or greater, ensuring that your employees can find the files they need when they need them.
  3. Missing document identification: Missing required and conditionally required documents are identified immediately, so you can make sure you have every document necessary to service the loan.
  4. Data extraction and comparison: Critical fields are extracted from documents and compared to the data file in real-time to ensure compliance and to eliminate stare and compare.
  5. Data delivery: Accurate data is fed into your servicing platform and properly classified documents are made readily available in our cloud content management and workflow platform, MetaStor®, providing you with a cleaner portfolio.

In addition to being highly efficient, MetaSource’s loan boarding process is fully transparent. Your employees – and your clients, if desired – have access to key loan and data integrity insights via real-time missing document and data discrepancy reports. Not to mention, our solution can be used on both flow and bulk loan transactions.

Loan Files In, Higher Portfolio Value Out

And with a trusted, efficient process comes invaluable benefits, such as:

  • Improve loan integrity with actionable information in your servicing platform.
  • Minimize risk and optimize the value of your portfolio with more complete loan files.
  • Improve speed to service and data accuracy by eliminating stare and compare.
  • Meet regulatory agencies’ timing requirements with a more efficient process.
  • Decrease errors with duplicate and corrupt file identification.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by providing your staff with easy access to files.

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