Mortgage Due Diligence Services

At MetaSource, we offer residential loan due diligence services that combine the expertise of seasoned mortgage industry professionals with the efficiency of state-of-the-art technology. This invaluable combination enables us to provide due diligence support every step of the way – from data reconciliation and remediation to Rating Agency reporting. As an expert in compliance and an accepted third-party review (TPR) firm, MetaSource offers a suite of services for mitigating risk, identifying opportunities, and ensuring loan quality.

Our Due Diligence Offerings

MetaSource reviews both residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) and mortgage servicing rights (MSR) transactions, giving our clients an extensive list of trade due diligence services to choose from:

We offer securitization, bulk, and flow mortgage due diligence services, which can all include a reliance letter, data tape, and/or attorney letter.

Your Due Diligence Software Solution

MetaSource’s platform for due diligence provides complete transparency. It offers customizable options to streamline the process and delivers insights that enable our clients to make informed decisions. The platform offers several benefits, including:

  • Multi-tenant access levels: Investors, issuers, sellers, and MetaSource are able to simultaneously access trades and view statuses in real-time.
  • Report sorting: Users have the ability to sort reports by pool number/name (when provided).
  • Exception clearing: Multi-tenant access allows for more efficient exception and rebuttal processing.
  • Customizable audits: Audits are set to fit each investor’s collection of guidelines for determining risk.
  • Missing document identification: The system automatically detects missing documents, making it faster and easier to identify and resolve issues prior to audit completion.

Your Guide to Selecting the Right Third-Party Review Due Diligence Provider

Uncover key partner evaluation factors like experience, services, and technology, so you can achieve an efficient, transparent due diligence process.


Why MetaSource?

Why do so many mortgage industry professionals choose MetaSource as their mortgage due diligence partner? It comes down to three main differentiators: skilled mortgage professionals, customizable automation tools and a proven track record of successful, industry-leading innovation.

Here are just a few specific reasons why companies choose MetaSource:

  • We have been vetted and accepted as a third-party due diligence firm by S&P Global Ratings, Fitch Ratings, DBRS Morningstar, and Kroll Bond Rating Agency.
  • We have unmatched expertise in underwriting, delivering the quality and accuracy needed to meet agency requirements.
  • MetaSource is integrated with the top loan origination systems (LOS), facilitating faster turn times and greater profitability.
  • MetaSource will customize solutions to meet individual client needs. We even have the ability to offer additional choices to our clients through staff augmentation and innovative self-service technology.

At MetaSource, our trade transaction management services are built around a key goal: to simultaneously reduce risk, grow profitability, improve decision-making, and ensure compliance for our clients.

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