Mortgage Origination Automation

Today’s borrowers demand ease of use, accuracy, transparency, and responsiveness. Unfortunately, the mortgage origination process is full of manual, error-prone, and slow processes that make not only meeting borrowers’ expectations impossible but improving profitability and gaining a competitive advantage impossible as well.

MetaSource’s mortgage origination automation solution makes it all possible.

Originate Better with Mortgage Automation

Symmetri, MetaSource’s mortgage loan origination automation software, was built to act as a bridge between systems, remove friction from the lending process, and, in turn, help you achieve the following:

Increased speed to close

Improved data accuracy

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Manual task elimination

Reduced cost to originate

The Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Process Automation

Learn how to streamline origination to increase speed to close and profit margins.


Put Mortgage Origination Automation Technology to Work

Symmetri automatically pulls unclassified documents from your loan origination system (LOS), classifies them, extracts data from them, validates the data, detects and resolves discrepancies, and returns the classified documents and data to the correct locations in your LOS.

And, using a combination of LOS APIs and robotic process automation (RPA), a variety of loan setup and processing tasks are streamlined.

By putting MetaSource’s mortgage automation platform to work, you can focus less on manual, repetitive tasks and more on the ones that really matter. You can originate better.

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