Title Policy & Document Retrieval Service

Whether it’s hunting down titles, other mortgage documents or former mortgage servicers that failed to record an assignment, our document retrieval and beneficiary research services will save your team enormous time and headache.

Title Policy Retrieval

Having a final title policy is essential to any mortgage transaction. Yet retrieving title policies can be time consuming and frustrating, and most lenders and servicers don’t have the time or resources to engage in a difficult and lengthy retrieval process.

At MetaSource, we have the technology and experience to retrieve certified copies or duplicate originals of a final title policy accurately, cost effective and hassle-free. Our title search and policy retrieval services are available as a stand-alone service or as an addition to our collateral file review, assignment recording and lien release services. And our fixed charges for each document search help clients identify costs upfront.

We create an individual record for each account requiring title policy retrieval and provide customized reporting in order to update clients on the retrieval process. Then we employ a variety of methods to reach closing agents, and deliver retrieved documents on at least a bi-weekly basis until the job is complete.

Mortgage Document Retrieval

We locate companies for intervening assignments to help clients expedite the assignment/lien release process or finalize post-closing requirements. Basic information about the document you need can simply be provided on a spreadsheet—we do the rest. And we use set fees for all document services, making it easier for clients to budget costs.

We understand the importance of retaining recorded documents and the sense of urgency to recover them when they become lost. Our electronic processing systems enable us to import the basic information about a document and begin the retrieval process instantly. This proactive approach allows us to recover recorded documents fast, giving clients the peace of mind that the document they need is on the way.

Specifically, we will perform the following services:

  • Retrieve from the applicable county recorder’s office copies of the recorded mortgage/deed of trust in one of three ways:
    • Pertinent pages of the mortgage/deed of trust (DOT) – typically first two pages plus the legal description
    • Full copy of mortgage/DOT
    • Certified copy of mortgage/DOT
  • Provide an image of the documents retrieved to you and/or mail hard copies as required
  • Retrieve a copy of the title policy, as requested
  • Retrieved title policy will be provided to you as an image and/or hard copy
  • If it’s determined a title policy was never issued, we will facilitate obtaining a policy through Old Republic, if desired

Beneficiary Research

Missing intervening assignments are a significant factor behind rejection rates in the document processing industry. This scenario often happens with nonperforming loans as there are still residual issues from the mortgage crisis and lots of loan falsifications out there to address.

The solution is beneficiary research—tracking down mortgage companies that have been sold or have gone out of business to complete the chain of custody. And nobody does it better than MetaSource.

For clients who do not have the time or resources to engage in this time-consuming process, we have developed an innovative and thorough approach to beneficiary research. Our staff is uniquely skilled to locate the information needed to obtain the appropriate contacts so subsequent assignments or lien releases can be executed without issue.

Provided on a cost-effective, set-fee basis, our beneficiary research is just one more way we provide our clients with excellent and efficient service.

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