Mortgage Compliance: Investor QC Audits & Services

MetaSource Mortgage understands the needs of lenders as well as those who purchase loans and portfolios. We provide mortgage quality control (QC) reviews for investors and warehouse lines prior to the investor purchasing or funding the loan from their clients. We audit these mortgages to the specific guidelines for each investor. We can review all your loans or serve as an overflow solution when volumes are high. Our mortgage compliance advisors will customize individual audits to meet your unique needs at any point in the mortgage loan life cycle.

When purchasing a loan portfolio, we can help you transfer the documents to your system and ensure all the documents were received. We can then conduct specific audits on the portfolio so you can ensure you are meeting the servicing QC requirements of CFPB, FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

Our audits determine quality and identify problems before they become bigger issues.

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