Mortgage Compliance QLink QC Software: Defect Dashboard

QLink’s organizational visuals help clients understand where to start. The Defect Dashboard is very similar to the main Dashboard and exists solely for Fannie Mae which mandates that everyone attributes their findings by category, subcategory and defect. Organizing your findings in this manner, allows you to quickly identify the root cause of the problem so you can put an action plan together to resolve the issue.

For the Defect Dashboard, you will pick a category, adjust the timeline and drill down for more information. This is a key differentiator for QLink. Many competitors have platforms that only offer analytics. MetaSource Mortgage goes further and offers production interaction platforms. Interact with the data on the Defect Dashboard by adjusting the timeline and hovering over the graph for more information. Hovering gives you the option to click for even more detailed information.

Screenshot of QLink's defect dashboard

List of Available Filters

  • Adverse Loans
  • Annual MERS Audits
  • Appraisal Review
  • Compliance Review
  • Correspondent Closing Review
  • Docs Out Review
  • Early Payment Default
  • Post-Close Audits
  • Post-Close Discretionary Audits
  • Pre-Fund Review
  • Purchase Review

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