Our Process

  • We review and analyze your current efficiency and effectiveness levels within your lending and/or servicing processes, and identify opportunities for improvement
  • We identify new and existing mortgage-industry compliance requirements
  • We utilize our deep experience implementing workflow automation software and providing workflow and compliance services to implement process improvements

Mortgage Workflows

We’ve built many workflows in MetaStor® for our clients to make their staff more efficient and to reduce their risk. Example of these mortgage workflows are:

  • Automatically identify and report on document deficiencies
  • Integrate with leading servicing platforms (SPs)
  • Can be configured to automate CFPB servicing audit document compilation by searching throughout the repository for notes, histories and comments that must be included
  • In loss mitigation, MetaStor can be configured to automate the opening of a workstation in servicing platforms and when a relevant document first enters MetaStor, such as a qualified written request

Mortgage Origination Automation

Mortgage origination automation removes friction and drag from the lending process. It does so by bridging the gap between mortgage point-of-sale (POS) platforms with loan origination system (LOS) platforms to streamline the flow of borrower information and achieve the following:

  • Increase speed to close
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cost to originate in one easy-to-use solution