Collateral File Review & Tracking Service

When it comes to collateral file reviews and tracking documents, security and reliability are paramount. With our proprietary i3 software, MetaSource efficiently performs full collateral file reviews for today’s small to medium-sized investors.

What Is i3?

MetaSource i3 determines which documents are missing from a file and then creates a missing documents report for investors to review. We also offer the option of retrieving and tracking documents from nearly any source. By comparing collateral files with a predetermined set of expected documents, i3 instantly identifies missing documents.

MetaSource also provides document imaging and secure storage, giving clients both control over and easy access to any collateral file. Clients are able to access their document images through individual, private and secure accounts on the MetaSource website. Each document has its own link.

The Result: peace of mind that you have all the processes in place for a thorough review of collateral files, as well as document storage in a safe, secure environment.

i3 Highlights

With i3, MetaSource provides:

  • The ability to identify individual loan types, and specific portfolios by seller
  • Customizable sets of standard documents, defined by MetaSource or the client
  • 24/7 image accessibility via MetaSource’s secure web site
  • Security: only authorized users are given access to documents and files
  • Full tracking of documents, whether they’re checked in or checked out
  • Creation of a collateral file out of hybrid file – a combination of origination and servicing documents

With i3, MetaSource creates customized solutions that can be tailored to best meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a simple scan of collateral files or a full-service collateral file review that includes tracking and retrieval of missing documents.

Clients also have access to all of MetaSource’s post-closing services—such as document retrieval and the recording of assignments—so they can always complete and record assignments on new acquisitions in record time.

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