Mortgage Compliance QLink QC Software: Shared Findings

This page allows users to manage all the findings that they have shared with others. Viewing the email address of those that have shared information, deleting, posting and editing comments are also possible.

Searching for Loans

Searching for loans to view, update or edit comments on is simple with the search function. Simply input a value and all related loans will be pulled and displayed.

Posting Comments

Once the loan you wish to access is visible in the list below the summary block, you can select if for a text area to appear on the right side of the page. Any text you input here will be saved for viewing and editing by others. There are two options your comment is completed:

  1. Post: posts for others to view and respond to
  2. Post Final: posts after a problem has been resolved and there are no other updated needed so no other comments can be made

Removing Comments

By clicking on the checkbox in the upper left side of each listed loan, and then selecting “Remove Selected” all shared findings will be deleted.

Screenshot of QLink's shared findings page

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