Mortgage User Experience and Support

MetaSource Contact Center solutions provide borrower-focused loan servicing that makes your brand shine and keeps you compliant. Whether it’s friendly service, fast speed to answer, first call resolution, or multichannel communication, MetaSource has the solutions you need. And our multi-lingual call centers are all in the U.S.

MetaSource provides a great phone and multichannel experience for your customers. We are your partner in improving the customer’s experience, identifying opportunities for process improvement and delivering a world-class customer interaction.

You will achieve new levels of customer service as cost-effectively as possible with our call center services. This includes interacting with your customers via phone, email, fax, chat, and social media.

By providing inbound skill-based routing, your customers will be matched to the appropriately skilled agent for their needs. Our call center services also include predictive dialing, blended universal servicing and interactive voice response (IVR) that works with your servicing platform to answer the most frequent questions of borrowers.

Contact Center Highlight: Trailing Docs

Lenders originating 50 to 500 mortgages per month struggle to scan and process the resulting 200 to 1,500+ trailing documents in time to avoid investor penalties. Slow trailing doc processing also delays cash flow from the sale of mortgages to investors.

Our trailing document service dramatically streamlines trailing-document processing, eliminates profitability leakage and pays for itself.

Instead of having all trailing documents sent to your mailroom, we have all of your trailing docs sent to a PO box. We pick them up daily, prep them for scanning and then scan all document types, including:

  • Title policies
  • Security instruments and all associated riders
  • Homeowner insurance (HOI) and hazard insurance policies
  • Final certified copy of the closing disclosure (CD)
  • Other modified documents, correspondence and miscellaneous items, as defined by lender

Once all of your trailing documents are scanned and uploaded to a system of record, they are forwarded to the custodian.

We then use MetaStor® mortgage document management software to store all trailing documents and to report to lenders on a weekly basis to identify what’s missing from each loan file.

Contact Center Service Delivery

An Extension of Your Brand

MetaSource is an extension of your brand – providing a single point of contact and reflecting the culture and quality of your organization.

World Class Continuous Improvement

Our aspirations are far higher than just meeting service levels. We endeavor to understand why customers contact you and what aspects of the customer journey negatively affect their experience. Furthermore, we make recommendations to improve your website, servicing platform, invoicing, etc.

Knowledge Transfer & Training Approach

Our overall goal is to replicate and elevate your customer outcomes. We utilize dedicated trainers and all material is jointly developed with our clients. We strive to provide world class customer service training in a fun, motivating and engaging environment. In order to deliver world class service we understand we need world class employees and training.

Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Assurance passion is not just about scoring the quality of a phone call. Quality Assurance involves calls, chats, emails and service related processes. Quality is just as much about knowing whether the number of calls received on a given day for a given reason is normal as scoring the quality of a phone call.

We provide feedback to agents on a regular basis, including daily for new hires, in a manner that is collaborative with our clients. Your problems are our problems and your concerns are our concerns. We work together using our Six Sigma-based methodology to measure processes, identify service issues, develop an action plan and ensure it is implemented.

Measured Performance Metrics

We monitor the following performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Average handle time (AHT)
  • Abandon rate (AR)
  • First call resolution (FCR)
  • Average speed of answer (ASA)

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