With noncompliance consequences like hefty fines and worsened reputations with the agencies, ensuring mortgage compliance is top of mind for lenders and servicers. Luckily, it’s not difficult to do – as long as you have the right services from the right partner.

At MetaSource, providing the best mortgage compliance solutions is top of our mind. We offer a suite of mortgage quality control (QC) and MERS quality assurance (QA) services that help our clients meet requirements.

Your Mortgage Compliance Partner

Why is MetaSource your ideal mortgage QC and MERS QA partner? That’s easy! Because in addition to having unmatched industry experience, we deliver the benefits you deserve.

We provide a variable cost model for our QC audit services, so you can avoid overspending when volumes are low and meet demand when volumes are high. Plus, you can rest assured that you’re always in the know thanks to our web-based quality control reporting software, QLink. QLink allows you to access all your mortgage audits in one place and integrates with loan origination systems to expedite document delivery.

Not to mention, you can find peace of mind knowing that we have the seasoned staff and technology required to make MERS compliance easy and stress-free. In fact, our data reconciliation and remediation platform, mintrak, eliminates data review headaches and reduces errors to less than 4%.