Mortgage Document & Data Management

MetaSource has the expertise and resources to capture data from all loan documents (paper or electronic) and trailing documents from all ingestion sources, including:

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Web Services
  • Fax
  • Paper, including trailing docs in the mailroom
  • Email
  • Mobile Applications
  • Third Party Applications

Loan Boarding for Servicers & Sub-Servicers

MetaSource technology helps servicers overcome the following challenges:

  • Validation of required loan documents: Binary Large Object “BLOB” files containing un-indexed documents are reviewed using OCR technology that classifies documents and aids in identifying missing documentation in order to ensure regulatory compliance. Technology also reviews previously indexed documents to ensure documents are properly indexed and corrects classification errors on files that may not have been indexed correctly
  • Slow boarding setup and turntimes: Timing of loan boarding often takes to long which creates compliance risk and customer dissatisfaction
  • Data Discrepancies: Often times post transfer, data discrepancies are identified on loan documentation that does not match data originally provided upon initial setup of servicing and correction of these errors are often time consuming and costly.

Legacy Content Migration

Lenders and servicers often find the need to migrate data from legacy loan origination and/or servicing platforms that are home grown, obsolete, no longer supported by the original vendor, and/or are too costly and risky to maintain. We will extract the data from your legacy systems so that you have secure and instant access to it and you are no longer paying to maintain unused/unsupported legacy systems. Legacy content migration combines our deep content professional services and application development expertise with enterprise content management (ECM) technology and robotic process automation (RPA).

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