Mortgage Quality Control: Pre-Fund QC Audits

Third-Party Expertise that Cuts Costs

Pre-fund file auditing is a long-established element of the quality control process. Required by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and many investors, these audits are also the only proactive audit in the quality control process. When a quality pre-fund QC audit is completed, you gain the ability to correct many problems before they become bigger issues. Using third-party expertise to do pre-fund QC audits is also an opportunity to cut quality control costs by at least 15% than if you conducted them internally.

Fast Turnaround & Responsive Support

We take great pride in providing our clients a quality pre-fund audit with a quick turnaround time and responsive support to explain findings. We hire seasoned and knowledgeable professionals with years of relevant mortgage experience to perform our pre-fund audits. Structured to give you in-depth feedback and analysis on your adherence to agency guidelines, these audits enable you to make quick decisions and corrections, or to quickly move the file to closing or funding.

Benefits of Outsourcing Pre-Fund QC

Our pre-funding reviews have been designed to help you:

  • Reduce errors
  • Sell loans faster, helping to reduce overall time on a warehouse line
  • Comply with FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pre-fund requirements
  • Provide an overall risk assessment of the file
  • Detect potential fraud and high-cost violations

Individual audit reports are delivered throughout the month. Then, at the end of the month you receive a comprehensive monthly pre-funding report that incorporates all the individual audits into one report.

QLink QC Reporting Software

All of your pre-funding data and reports are accessible via our QLink platform, an interactive system that enables custom reporting, and the ability to instantly share or revise findings, and retrieve all your QC reports. You can also compare the metrics and findings generated from your pre-fund audits directly with your post close audits.

Post-Close QC, MERS QA & Synergy

When you rely on us for pre-fund QC along with post-close QC and MERS QA audits, the cost of your mortgage quality control is at least 15% less than what it would cost in-house every year. These savings include:

  • The cost of one full-time, in-house auditor
  • Auditor training and keeping up with updates from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, HUD, and the CFPB
  • The cost of a manager to provide part-time supervision/oversight

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