Mortgage Compliance QLink QC Software: Audits

The Audits Page produces another way to interact with MetaSource by submitting a pre-fund, purchase and/or appraisal review, signing up for email confirmations, submitting a loan list, and checking the status of previously submitted reviews and audits.

Status Reports

View the status reports for post-close, pre-fund, purchase review, and appraisal reviews.

Screenshot of QLink's audits page

Clicking on the “Selected Loans” button, brings up a loan list for that audit type and audit period sorted by loan number by default. Drag and drop headers to change the order of the data. The percentage of loans in preparation, in review and completed is also displayed alongside a due date. A number next to the due date in a red circle indicates whether the loan completion is past due and by how many days.


Filter the data in the loan list by:

  • Loan Number
  • Borrower Last Name
  • Borrower First Name
  • Audit Type
  • Loan Officer
  • Underwriter
  • TPO
  • Branch
  • Milestone
  • Submitted
  • Files Attached

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