Symmetri™ Mortgage Origination Automation

Symmetri is MetaSource’s mortgage origination automation solution that streamlines the flow of documents and data in the loan origination lifecycle – from setup to close. It’s origination automation that moves you past the tedious and time-consuming gaps of outdated mortgage processes.

How Does It Work?

Symmetri works by creating a bridge between systems. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

  1. Unclassified documents are captured by your LOS.
  2. Symmetri ingests and classifies each document.
  3. Symmetri extracts data from those documents and validates it against data in your LOS using defined business rules.
  4. Missing required documents and data discrepancies are detected and re-routed for human resolution, when required.
  5. Symmetri delivers classified documents to the correct folder and validated data to the correct file in your LOS.
  6. Symmetri initiates robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline tasks, such as appraisal ordering, NMLS validation, USPS searching, and data extraction.
  7. Once your data is validated and tasks are complete, Symmetri routes loans to the next step without human intervention.

What Benefits Does Mortgage Process Automation Provide?

With Symmetri from MetaSource, you can achieve a frictionless, optimized mortgage process. The benefits you’ll gain include:

Increased speed to close

Improved data accuracy

Reduced cost to originate

Manual task elimination

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Why Choose MetaSource as Your Mortgage Automation Partner?

Symmetri is built on more than advanced automation technology – it’s also built on industry experience and expertise. As a trusted and dedicated mortgage origination automation partner, MetaSource understands the obstacles you face and has what it takes to help you overcome them.

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