Eclipse™ Lien Release & Assignment Software

Enhance Your Lien Release & Assignment Process

Eclipse is MetaSource’s proprietary mortgage assignment and lien release software solution. It’s a workflow platform that was built to drive efficiencies, save time, and provide invaluable insights.

With Eclipse, you can see the status of your lien release and assignment documents in real-time, handle exceptions without ever leaving the platform, and maintain organized logs of your files. It’s your portal to a streamlined, fully transparent lien release and assignment process.

Your Solution, Your Benefits

When you choose MetaSource as your mortgage lien release and assignment services partner, you gain access to Eclipse and all of the benefits it offers:

  • See real-time insights into file statuses and outstanding rejections.
  • Expedite the process with a central location for handling exceptions and submitting order requests.
  • Communicate with your MetaSource team easily with instant, on-platform messaging.
  • Be prepared for audits with automatically logged messages and files.
  • Keep your mortgage files secure with two-factor authentication.

Eclipse Platform Preview

You can get a glimpse of MetaSource’s Eclipse right here! If you want to find out more about our mortgage lien release and assignment software solution, contact us.

At-a-Glance Insights

Screenshot of Eclipse's charts page

Detailed File Status Updates

Screenshot of Eclipse's file intake page

On-Platform Exception Handling

Screenshot of Eclipse's exceptions page

Easy-to-Access File Completion Data

Screenshot of Eclipse's completed files page

Convenient Communication

Screenshot of Eclipse's message center

Fast Order Request Submission

Screenshot of Eclipse's new order or job request page

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