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Mortgage Forbearance Exits 101: How to Navigate the Surge of Forbearance Exits
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The Mortgage Industry in the Post-COVID-19 Era

When the pandemic first hit, there were many organizations in the mortgage industry that had to scramble to adapt. The lack of preparedness to run entire operations remotely and completely digitally left many lenders, servicers, and investors in a frenzy. Once mortgage organizations realized that there was an immediate need to continue conducting business from…

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What Was Learned at the CMBA’s 2020 Mortgage Innovators Conference

The California Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA) once again hosted their Mortgage Innovators Conference. The event brings mortgage professionals from all over the country together. It offers engaging, informative sessions from highly intelligent, experienced individuals who have proven themselves in the competitive industry. It enables sponsors like MetaSource to highlight some of their most advanced, problem-solving…

End Lien Release Headaches and Focus on the Rebound

End Lien Release Headaches and Focus on the Rebound

For servicers trying to get things moving after months of shutdown, unresolved lien release issues can be a major source of disruption. With many county offices closed over the past few months, navigating the requirements around lien releases has become a far more complicated undertaking. Some of the 3,600+ recording offices around the country are…


Mortgage Servicing Quality Control in Challenging Times

These days, it can be easy to forget all of the more routine challenges that mortgage servicers face. Millions of borrowers are seeking forbearance of monthly mortgage payments under the CARES Act, a provision of the federal coronavirus relief bill, and state relief efforts. With millions more expected to follow suit, many servicers are bracing…


Digital Workflow Solutions that Get You to Work from Wherever You Are

The COVID-19 virus has left business owners with unprecedented challenges around the health of their employees and the health of their companies. Due to the pandemic, many  businesses are facing an almost overnight transformation to digital workplaces. Newly remote workers suddenly need to communicate, collaborate, and get work done from the safety of their homes….