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Digital Workflow Solutions that Get You to Work from Wherever You Are

The COVID-19 virus has left business owners with unprecedented challenges around the health of their employees and the health of their companies. Due to the pandemic, many  businesses are facing an almost overnight transformation to digital workplaces.

Newly remote workers suddenly need to communicate, collaborate, and get work done from the safety of their homes.

Fortunately, these newly remote workers have access to useful tools that make working from home easy. With these tools, employees can quickly and securely connect with one another while maintaining social distancing – even in the notoriously paper-clogged mortgage industry.

Technology once seen as elective or a “business edge” has now become the baseline – central to not just our physical, but economic well-being. During these stressful and uncertain times, moving forward means reliable, cloud-based solutions to keep a remote workforce up and running.

Here are three digital workflow solutions our mortgage clients have been able to leverage for a safe and reliable hedge against the internal threats of inefficiency and paper-clogs. These solutions provide a secure way to keep moving forward in the face of an external threat that stands between us and our usual workplaces.

MetaWorx®: A Powerful Online Workspace

MetaWorx is a web-based workflow management software platform in which investors, lenders and MetaSource analysts can interact directly through an online platform. With flexible, intuitive and customizable features, MetaWorx provides access to entire portfolios, at-a-glance reporting, and expedited communication – all from the safety of your couch.

With this tool, you can streamline the whole loan purchase review process on all sides of the secondary market. Bring together originators, servicers, and investors in a consolidated, digital platform that improves investor confidence, facilitates rapid identification and correction of defects, and increases overall loan quality.

mintrak®2™: Online Reconciliation for MERS QA

Overcome the challenges of data reconciliation and remediation while avoiding the public – and the headaches that come with “stare and compare” spreadsheet-based reconciliation. With mintrak2, you can streamline compliance with reporting, corrections, file preparation, and alerts. As a turnkey solution, this platform provides monthly reconciliation and remediation as required on the MERS e-annual report, expedited data implementation, and a user-friendly interface.

mintrak2 is fully compliant with MERS QA requirements and scalable to your needs. Track and monitor audit trails, prepare your biannual review, and automate repetitive remediation efforts with state-of-the-art digital workflow software that assists your employees in staying connected while staying safe.

QLink: Web-Based Mortgage QC Software

Instantly access real-time reporting, key QC metrics, and more with a platform that standardizes data collection to provide graphical representation of reporting results. With this digital workflow system, you can access contracted audit services, track all communications and document concerns on loans, and conduct final reports from wherever you are.

QLink can bring your workforce together through a flexible digital platform that modernizes and streamlines the mortgage QC process.

MetaStor® Cloud Document Management Software

Quickly search, retrieve, route and manage documents from anywhere, on any device with this robust cloud document management software, enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow automation.

Minimize Disruption with Connective Technology

Like you, keeping our employees and families healthy is our top concern. But we also understand that the health of our clients’ businesses is also a top concern.

We have a sustainable remote workforce ready to help you manage your business processes online, ensuring your workers stay safe.

Even during this uncertain time, you can get up and running with our solutions in no time. After an initial onboarding call, we can immediately set to work implementing digital solutions for your business. Additional resources and training are always available.

As part of our business continuity plan, MetaSource will be conducting regular tests to ensure the quality of our products and guarantee that support stays constant.

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