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In Proud Support of the National Council of State Housing Agencies, Making Affordable Housing a Reality

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Access to affordable housing is a critical factor in the social and economic health of the country, especially in the face of a pandemic that has left so many families facing job loss and financial insecurity.

Across the country, state housing finance agencies (HFAs) are an important line of defense against such challenges. They play a key role in making safe housing and affordable home ownership available for low to moderate income and first-time homebuyers.

Over five decades, these agencies have provided more than $500 billion in financing for the “purchase development and rehabilitation of more than 7.5 million affordable homes and rental apartments,” according to the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) website.

The NCSHA is a nonprofit advocacy and educational organization created to help advance the mission of the state HFAs.

At MetaSource, we are proud to help support the work of these organizations, including through participation and sponsorship of the NCSHA’s annual conference. This year’s event, to be held Oct. 27-29, will be virtual, but the work is as real as ever.

Tools and Solutions for Affordable Housing Challenges

The 2020 conference will bring together HFA executive directors, board members, staff and industry partners to explore the best tools and processes for meeting the challenges of today’s affordable housing needs.

“MetaSource is proud to help sponsor this conference and support the important work of state agencies in making the dream of homeownership a reality for so many families,” said Colin Graf, Associate Vice President of Marketing for MetaSource.

At MetaSource, we provide an array of technology and services for the mortgage industry, including digital solutions for housing finance agencies. It’s always our goal to supply HFAs with the tools and services they need to make affordable homeownership a reality for the many families who would not otherwise have the resources to make it happen.

MetaSource’s MetaWorx® platform is used by HFAs in more than a dozen states, enabling them to streamline their whole loan purchase review, auditing and loan delivery processes.

It’s a collaborative mortgage automation platform that accelerates processing, improves accuracy and provides unmatched portfolio visibility. It enables our housing agency clients to reduce turn times, cut costs, increase productivity, and optimize loan quality all at once. With MetaWorx, you can focus more on bringing your mission to life and less on completing the tedious tasks associated with the whole loan purchase review process.

Driving Efficiency with the Latest Digital Tools

For decades, MetaSource has been a resource for cutting-edge technology and expertise for the mortgage industry. Our mortgage team strives to facilitate growth for the network of agencies and professionals dedicated to expanding the availability of affordable housing.

That’s why we offer advanced digital tools that are cost-effective and customizable to your specific organization, and that’s why we’re proud sponsors and participants of the NCSHA conference.

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