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Mortgage QC Audit Self-Revisions Now Available with QLink

MetaSource QLink

Mortgage QC Audit Software Self-Revision Lenders are solely responsible for the work of their quality control vendors, so why not have control to update your QC partner’s work in accordance with what is best for your company?

Submitting revisions to your mortgage audit quality control findings can be tedious and frustrating on a good day, especially considering the delay between submission and the update of your defect rates and metrics. MetaSource Mortgage feels your pain and has the solution you’ve been looking for with the new Self-Revision capability of QLink.

QLink Mortgage QC Software

QLink’s self-revision capability gives you the ability to take full control of the revisions process. You can revise QC findings and their risk rating levels to what you feel is correct. Everything is done in real-time so you can revise your findings at your own pace. This means no more waiting for vendors to revise findings on your behalf.

Findings Archive & Searchability

While you have ability to revise findings, your original findings are kept and never deleted. All of the original MCA finding write-ups and finding levels will be saved and reflected as changed in your PDF reports. QLink also allows you to sort your findings by revision reason and result so that you can quickly identify the findings that have been revised and the reason for the change.

Free & Easy

Because QLink Mortgage QC software is cloud-based, you and your team can access its new self-revision capability anywhere you have an internet connection, from any device. QLink never needs to be installed, maintained or upgraded.

The best part: both QLink and its self-revision capability are 100% free for all MCA clients.

QLink Highlights

  • Full control of the revision process
  • Real-time findings that can be revised at your own pace
  • All defect metrics are maintained, saved and accurate
  • Original findings are kept and never deleted
  • No system or services update required
  • 100% FREE to our clients

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