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How Mortgage Digital Transformation Can Help Combat Inflation
Meet the New Eclipse™: the Right Solution to Streamline Your Mortgage Lien Release & Assignment Process 

End Lien Release Headaches and Focus on the Rebound

For servicers trying to get things moving after months of shutdown, unresolved lien release issues can be a major source of disruption. With many county offices closed over the past few months, navigating the requirements around lien releases has become a far more complicated undertaking. Some of the 3,600+ recording offices around the country are…


Lien Releases: How to Avoid 1.1 Million Reasons for Rejections

In 25 years of providing support and solutions to the mortgage industry, we’ve seen a little bit of everything. But there’s almost nothing we hate to see as much as a lien release that comes back rejected – especially when it’s completely avoidable. Lien release rejection leaves lenders at risk, because it creates a break…

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