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How to Ease MERS QA & Other Servicing Headaches: Join MetaSource at the MERS 2017 User Conference

Join us at the Reston Hyatt from June 8-9 to learn the latest about MERS QA and mortgage QC outsourcing services and technology. You will learn about our full suite of MERS quality assurance (QA) auditing services, the latest in servicing quality control (QC) as well as our new lien release service.

Be MERS Audit-Ready All Year Long

MERS QA compliance changes create significant challenges to servicing and sub-servicing members. That is why we’ve developed a full suite of MERS QA services and technology. These solutions are designed to help every MERS Member become “MERS audit-ready all year long” with impeccable data standards and industry best practices related to the assignment of residential real estate mortgages.

If you are a servicer or sub-servicer in need of a cost-effective, low maintenance solution to your MERS processing and quality assurance management, MetaSource offers:

  • Annual Report (formally known as Attestation Report)
  • Monthly Data Reconciliation
  • QA Plan Review
  • Professional Services
  • And more…

Ensure Servicing QC Compliance

Our servicing QC audit is the solution to assist in meeting your loan servicing quality control needs. We not only provide feedback on compliance with guidelines and regulations, but deliver state of the art reporting. Our servicing QC audit delivers the industry standard PDF and also pushes all the servicing QC data to our QLink mortgage audit software. Our QLink portal allows you to view and sort your findings, trend your reports quarter over quarter and find the root cause of your issues.

Avoid Rejections with Our New Lien Release Service

When loans are paid off, lien releases must be processed by servicers with the county in which the mortgage or deed of trust is recorded within 30-90 days, depending on the county. However, if assignments are not done properly or documents are missing, the lien release will be rejected by the county 99% of the time.

We decrease the number of lien release rejections, reduce liability, satisfy borrowers, and ensure that the process is being done efficiently with a best practices approach honed over the last 25 years, including our acquisitions of Mortgage Compliance Advisors and Orion Financial Group. After all, as mortgage volumes increase, so do the risks of inefficiency, rejected filings and litigation.

We ensure that all the documents needed to successfully process lien releases are in your possession (note, mortgage/deed of trust, assignment(s), title, etc.), that they are provided to the county with correct borrower information (borrower name, address, etc.), and that the correct documentation is provided to the borrower to close the loop.

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