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Meet the New Eclipse™: the Right Solution to Streamline Your Mortgage Lien Release & Assignment Process 

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The mortgage lien release and assignment process is fraught with the potential for error. With more than a million unique requirements imposed by more than 3,600 separate recording offices, not to mention the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there are an endless number of ways to get it wrong. The impending potential surge of forbearance exits and fluctuating volumes will only add to this already overwhelming number.

Fortunately, getting it right is possible – even during stressful, high-volume periods. All you need is the right solution.

And that solution is MetaSource’s new and improved proprietary mortgage lien release and assignment software, Eclipse™!

Eclipse has been a trusted solution used by servicers and investors for years. It’s been known to drive efficiency. But now, with our upgraded version released this month, it takes the term “efficiency” to a whole new level with invaluable features that deliver substantial benefits.

Easy-to-Access Real-Time Insights

Staying on top of your document statuses is key to achieving a successful lien release and assignment process. MetaSource’s upgraded Eclipse provides you with real-time insights that you can access anywhere, at any time.

Whether you’re in the office or at home, you can see which lien release and/or assignment documents are still in process with your MetaSource team, which ones are ready to print, and which ones have already been sent to the appropriate county. Eclipse even allows you to see outstanding rejections as well as which files were sent for recording in compliance vs. out of compliance.

With a solution that offers full transparency, you can ensure that you’re on track and identify issues before it’s too late.

Convenient Communication

It should be easy for you to communicate with your third-party vendor via your mortgage lien release and assignment platform. There should not be a ton of emails flying back and forth, creating a document storyline that’s impossible to follow.

That’s why the new Eclipse offers a message center that automatically logs notes between your team and MetaSource. When you have one central location for all lien release and assignment-related conversations, getting answers to your questions, resolving issues, and staying on track is easier than ever. Eclipse ensures that you’re always prepared for audits with easily accessible message and file logs.

On-Platform Exception Handling

If you want to avoid errors and fines, you need to be able to handle exceptions efficiently. That’s where the new and improved Eclipse comes in.

Now, Eclipse enables you to see which documents MetaSource has flagged as missing or incomplete and provides you with the option to upload missing files right onto the platform. Then, MetaSource can grab the required documents and continue your work. It’s really that fast and that easy, making meeting deadlines a breeze.

The Right Solution

This month’s release of the upgraded Eclipse platform certainly doesn’t fall short in the benefits department. It drives efficiencies, saves time, and provides at-a-glance visibility into data, documents, and workflow. It’s the right solution for streamlining your mortgage lien release and assignment process.

By choosing MetaSource as your mortgage lien release and assignment services partner, you gain access to Eclipse and all of the benefits it offers.

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