mintrak2® MERS QA Compliance & Auditing Software

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Reconciliation of data is one of the primary challenges of meeting MERS QA requirements. The mintrak2 platform provides a turnkey solution for your MERS to MRE reconciliation with a user friendly, workflow based interface for the remediation of your data discrepancies.

Fully compliant with MERS QA requirements and scalable to handle from the smallest portfolios to millions of MINs, mintrak2® is the industry’s most effective solution managing your MERS data.

Additionally, our mintrak2 Total service pairs mintrak2 and our MERS QA audit services to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing your MERS compliance. mintrak2 Total offers comprehensive support for the MERS Member's Executive Sponsor and internal QA staff during MERSCORP Holdings audit requests and reports, Quality Assurance Profile requests, and Biennial Reviews.

mintrak2 Software Features

  • Monthly reconciliation and remediation as required on the MERS annual report
  • Incredibly quick data implementation, including data mapping and data normalization as needed
  • A slick user interface to manage the discrepancies and remediation activities necessary to align the two systems
  • Audit trail in the form of multiple reports that track and monitor compliance efforts specific to MERS QA
  • Automated mintrak2 interface to send the correction of data in the MERS System

Screen Shots

Upload of Monthly Reconciliation Extract Data & Member Data

MERS Upload of Monthly Reconciliation Extract Data & Member Data 

MERS Reconciliation Summary

Reconciliation Summary

Source Data

MERS Source Data

Remediation Summary

MERS Remediation Summary


MERS Discrepancies


MERS Reporting

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