Mortgage Document Scanning Software: Captiva

Mortgage Document Scanning Software: EMC Captiva

Captiva from OpenText delivers best-in-class mortgage and trailing document scanning and capture software for digitizing paper documents, faxes and other electronic documents into actionable information used in the mortgage lending and servicing process.

Captiva includes designer, desktop and enhancements to auto classification that simplify the development and deployment of capture projects, delivering superior accuracy and operator productivity. MetaSource is the largest North American distributor of Captiva.

Mortgage Lender Success Story

For one major mortgage provider, Captiva was a game-changer. On average, the processing time for new mortgages was more than two hours per application packet. In addition, they were unable to quickly prioritize a loan with an impending deadline without making the process even longer for the other loans.

A loan packet can contain more than 250 separate documents with processing time requiring at least two hours. When the mortgage lender is experiencing high volumes, time becomes a greater factor. By implementing Captiva, this mortgage lender was able to more easily manage all of the incoming documents for each loan and easily put high-priority loans at the front of the line. Workflow automation software was then integrated to handle mortgage specific forms and further streamline processing.

The Results: The mortgage lender was able to reduce the time to process a loan to 20 minutes, with extremely high accuracy and very little disruption to the company's existing workflow. The lender is now able to keep pace with the evolving expectations of its customers, responding in minutes instead of hours to the most complex loan applications.

Captiva Capture Core Functionality

  • Device Integration: capture documents from hundreds of scanners, multi-function devices, fax, email, and other digital sources
  • Image Quality Checks: enhance image quality for better accuracy
  • Document Identification: increase productivity by automatically identifying scanned documents based on barcodes, patch codes, or separator sheets
  • Data Capture: reduce manual data entry by automatically capturing machine-printed text and barcodes.
  • Business System Integration: automatically deliver documents and data into content management systems, workflow processes, and databases
  • Data Validation: set business rules to ensure the accuracy of captured data and to reduce errors
  • High Volume Batch Capture: scale from thousands to millions of document images captured per day
  • Unified Designer: develop, test and deploy capture projects quickly using the point-and-click setup and configuration

Additional Features

  • Advanced Recognition: automatically recognizes large amounts of paper documents, captures the data, and delivers the information to the right systems, processes, and people
  • eInput: captures documents through an easy-to-use, web-based interface, allowing organizations to make it simple for branch offices, remote locations, and desktops throughout the enterprise to quickly scan and capture documents for content management and business applications
  • Invoice Capture: transforms paper invoices into digital images, automatically capturing, validating, and delivering invoice data into workflow process, enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounts payable, and other back-end systems
  • Mobile Toolkit: turns a mobile gadget into a sophisticated and efficient portable scanning device that captures documents and has the ability to transform information into useful, actionable data
  • QuickScan Pro: enables organizations to scan documents in batches, view automatically separated documents, and manipulate files before exporting them in popular file formats

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