Mortgage Workflow Automation Software: ApplicationXtender

Mortgage Workflow Automation Software: ApplicationXtender

Streamline Mortgage Lending, Underwriting & Servicing

MetaSource is the largest North American distributor of OpenText ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager Software, which streamlines paper-based processes like mortgage lending, underwriting and servicing – including the capture of trailing documents. AX Workflow Manager helps ensure that better decisions are made faster, cycle times are reduced, and process bottlenecks are proactively discovered and addressed – without requiring IT intervention.

Workflow Manager provides process and forms design, business analysis tools, and the ability to manage business processes centrally. Built on Microsoft.NET, Workflow Manager easily integrates with existing applications to improve efficiency in document-based business processes.

ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager Delivers

  • Workflow console: manage, integrate, and categorize manual and automated processes from a central dashboard
  • Process and forms designers: model new processes and forms with easy-to-use, web-based editors
  • Insightful workflow analytics: optimize processes with powerful tools such as real time alerts, 3D drill-down graphs, and process statistics
  • Robust process reporting: establish key performance indicators and business activity thresholds to monitor processes and measure productivity

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