Eclipse Software

Assignment & Lien Release Document Management

Eclipse Assignment & Lien Release Document Management Software

Our proprietary document management software, Eclipse, enables us to handle high-volume projects with multiple assignors and/or assignees that need recording in numerous recording jurisdictions—with the lowest rejection rate of any solution in the industry.

County eRecording Implications

Eclipse allows the high-volume processing of county-specific documents with the appropriate local fees automatically applied, along with 24/7, password-protected online tracking capability.

Through Eclipse, we create documents at a rate 50-75% faster than the industry average, which empowers our clients to handle significant document recording volume.

How It Works

Eclipse is designed to generate paper and electronic recording information from the same system, uncommon for the industry. And, you can rest assured knowing you have the latest information for what counties are e-recording, and the specifics needed. The MetaSource team works diligently to keep Eclipse up-to-date when new counties come online.

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