Mortgage Quality Control: Why Use Us for Post-Close QC Audits

Experienced Staff

We combine years of mortgage experience into one convenient source to provide you with comprehensive, accurate solutions. Our auditors have spent several years as underwriters, closers, processors, funders, etc., and we know what to look for to keep you compliant.

High Quality Information

Because of their experience, our auditors know what advice will help you most. We check your files for compliance with required guidelines, ways to reduce your risk and improve your process, common trends, and suspected fraud.

Flexible Trend Reports

Our new web based QC reporting system will allow you to run customized reports on common audit findings, trends, loan scores, underwriter performance, and any other specific information you need.

Excellent Customer Service

Right when you call, we pick up the phone. You will talk to high level management to get answers to your compliance questions and to discuss findings on your reports. We also answer electronic requests generally within one day.

Fast Turnaround

Information is more valuable to you when it is timely. You will receive a management report within 30 days from delivery of files. This is also especially helpful because approved lenders are required to notify Fannie Mae if their QC cycle is behind more than 30 days.

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