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Minimize Your Risk with Reliable QC Help

We help mortgage originators fulfill government self-auditing requirements – on both a post-close and pre-fund basis. We also offer whole loan purchase reviews, loan level servicing QC audits, MERS QA (data reconciliation and remediation), and reverification services for income, asset, credit, property, and employment validation.

Post-Close Auditing

We will audit post-close mortgage loans to fulfill regulatory requirements and industry best practices as designated by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and USDA , with the industry’s most reliable, timely, and high-quality processes. Findings are brought directly to you for discussion and review. Learn more…

Pre-Fund Auditing

To fulfill pre-fund audit requirements designated by agency best practices, we conduct these audits in less than 48 hours, providing overall loan and loan risk scores to our lender partners. Learn more…