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RPA Whitepaper: How to Achieve Dramatic Efficiency Gains in the Mortgage Industry

Cost and time savings, along with the need for greater accuracy, continue to drive the growth of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a variety of industries, led by the financial, healthcare and telecom sectors, market researchers report.

While the market is still small, some analysts have suggested that the global market for RPA could reach $8.75 billion by 2024, with small and medium sized businesses expected to incorporate RPA into their processes “at an alarming rate.”

With some estimates putting the cost of RPA-accomplished work at 65-80% of the cost of having the same work done by employees, the technology is expected to attract a growing number of businesses whose high volume of routine, repetitive and rules-based processes are easily automated.

Easy Integration of RPA Expected to Drive Adoption

Because RPA is easily integrated into existing systems without coding and without an enormous investment, it is easily adopted and the efficiencies are realized almost immediately as employees are freed up to focus on more strategic tasks.

With the addition of things like natural language processing, chat bot technology, speech recognition and computer vision technology, RPA will eventually be integrated with some cognitive technologies, paving the way for a wider application into processes that are not purely data entry and extraction.

But the immediate market for RPA is where it can be used to take over high-volume, highly logical processes that do not require human judgment or finesse.

RPA is also useful for tasks that require a high degree of accuracy, such as the entry of financial transactions.

Download Our Whitepaper to Learn How RPA Can Streamline the Mortgage Process

In the mortgage industry, RPA has the potential to streamline nearly all aspects of the loan process, from competitive research to data extraction, income and asset verification and other manually intensive tasks.

Download our whitepaper: How to Achieve Dramatic Efficiency Gains in the Mortgage Industry with Robotic Process Automation and start taking advantage of the following:

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  • Reduce processing time
  • Redeploy staff to achieve greater value for their time

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