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The Mortgage Industry in the Post-COVID-19 Era

When the pandemic first hit, there were many organizations in the mortgage industry that had to scramble to adapt. The lack of preparedness to run entire operations remotely and completely digitally left many lenders, servicers, and investors in a frenzy. Once mortgage organizations realized that there was an immediate need to continue conducting business from…

How to Streamline Mortgage Origination with Automation: A Whitepaper
RPA Whitepaper: How to Achieve Dramatic Efficiency Gains in the Mortgage Industry

Robotic Process Automation for the Mortgage Industry

Though relatively new, robotic process automation (RPA) is already starting to dramatically streamline the mortgage lending process. The Best Part: there are now mid-market solutions like Kapow from MetaSource that offers the benefits of RPA for a fraction of the price that the large consulting firms and IT integrators would love to charge you. And,…