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QReview Pre-Fund QC Mortgage Audit Software Now Available

MetaSource QReview

If you choose to perform a portion or all of your pre-fund mortgage quality control (QC) audits in house, QReview is a powerful new tool to use for completing them rapidly, especially if you are using spreadsheets or home grown software to track pre-fund data today.

What Is QReview?

QReview is web-based audit software that allows lenders to rapidly audit pre-fund files with a continuously updated or customized pre-fund checklist. This will help your staff complete these audits in as little as a few hours. QReview also provides analytics and trending on all pre-fund QC audits, whether performed in house or by a third-party mortgage compliance partner.

Why Do I Need QReview?

Speed is the name of the game in pre-fund audits. QReview setup is quick and there is no software to download, and creating a loan is easy via a bulk upload of data or via a FNMA 3.2 file. And you can have all of your pre-fund data in one place if you conduct QC both in-house and outsource a portion.

QReview & QLink

QReview is embedded within MetaSource QLink, which is our web-based mortgage QC analytics platform. This allows lenders to have all discretionary pre-fund, pre-fundpost-close, and servicing QC audit data and findings in one place.

Pre-Fund Mortgage QC Outsourcing

While QReview is a powerful tool, you can instead outsource your pre-fund mortgage QC audits to us. Our audits are structured to give you in-depth feedback and analysis on your adherence to agency guidelines. We hire seasoned and knowledgeable professionals with years of relevant mortgage experience to perform the audits.

Customer Tested

Customers drive development of our services and software. As such, several MetaSource Mortgage customers have been using a beta version of QReview to help them turn around pre-fund QC audits in hours. We’ve incorporated their input into this production release just as we did prior to the release of QLink.

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