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New Whitepaper: Mortgage Servicing Workflow Best Practices

In a recent National Mortgage News survey, the three pain points most often identified by servicing executives as highly challenging include the following:

  1. Moving mortgage data from loan origination to servicing systems (21%)
  2. Archiving and auditing for compliance and customer contact (20%)
  3. On-boarding new loans or acquired portfolios (17%)

Whitepaper Highlights

Our whitepaper, Mortgage Servicing, Boarding, Workflow & Document Management Best Practices, discusses a series of best practices that resolve the three issues above. They include:

  • Mortgage boarding automation, including automated document classification, OCR, the business case for automation, and the processes required
  • Smart mortgage document management, covering instant searchability, workflow automation, automated retention scheduling, auditor self-service, the cloud, and using the system to automation back-office process like AP and HR
  • Mortgage quality control (QC), including pre-purchase reviews and servicing QC audits

Download the Mortgage Servicing Best Practices whitepaper today!