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New Integration with ICE Mortgage Technology™ Platform Speeds QC

Mortgage lenders constantly struggle to perform quality control audits effectively and ensure compliance. Without the right technology and expertise, the process is a slow, manual one that often results in costly errors. That’s why lenders across the country rely on MetaSource QC audits to ensure that their loan packages are accurate and compliant.

Our QC audit software, QLinkTM, expedites the quality control process by simplifying key processes for lenders. And now, with our new Encompass Investor ConnectTM integration, the process of getting loan packages into QLink for audit just got a whole lot easier too.

The Integration Built to Make Your Job Easier

Typically, lenders either manually pull loan documents from their loan origination systems (LOS) to audit or pay a vendor to do it for them, wasting time or money…or both.

With MetaSource’s QLink-Encompass integration, lenders can deliver loan packages to QLink for audit in just a few simple clicks. How? With Encompass Investor Connect. Encompass is part of the ICE Mortgage Technology™ umbrella that recently acquired Ellie Mae to create a platform that brings together stakeholders from every part of the mortgage process.

Encompass Investor Connect eliminates the need to log into multiple portals to complete the loan delivery process. Instead, lenders can send loan packages to MetaSource for audit right from Encompass, using the Investor Connect portal.

Powered by Investor Connect, our QLink-Encompass integration ensures fast and secure delivery with just a few clicks of the mouse. This lets MetaSource’s mortgage team get started right away, performing QC audits and delivering findings back through QLink in a streamlined process that takes all the headaches out of the process.

Save 39 Minutes Per Loan with Automated Document Transfer

With our QLink-Encompass integration, you’ll save 39 minutes per loan.

You can put that kind of time to much better use than the error-prone, headache-inducing ordeal of transferring loan documents manually, through multiple portals.

You can finally accomplish the faster turn time you’ve been striving for, which means you’ll be able to achieve faster agency compliance and faster purchases – with no missing documents and no wasted time. You can grow your business and increase efficiency by giving employees more time to complete more valuable tasks.

How the QLink-Encompass Integration Works

The process is as simple as it is beneficial. First, the lender selects loans from their Encompass pipeline. Then, in just a few quick clicks, the lender sends their selected loans to MetaSource for auditing—without ever leaving Encompass. From there, MetaSource’s Mortgage Team receives the loan package within QLink and can then begin performing QC audits. Upon completion, the team will provide lenders with findings via QLink. The process is really that fast, easy and stress-free—for all parties involved.

At MetaSource, we are committed to helping our clients in the mortgage industry succeed with state-of-the-art business automation software and services that let them streamline their processes and put their focus where it’s needed most.

With the MetaSource audit team and our QLink-Encompass integration, quality control auditing doesn’t have to be slow. Whether you are already a MetaSource QC client or you’d like to be, you deserve QC processes that make it easy to audit, correct and move your loan packages along.

Give us a call or click on the link below to learn more about how to fast-track not only loan package delivery, but your entire QC process with MetaSource.

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