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More Industry Honors for MetaSource VP of Mortgage Services

MetaSource Mortgage

Mary Kladde Walraven’s career in the mortgage industry spans some pretty turbulent times. So, honoring her as one of the leading women executives in the industry at a time when we find ourselves facing another challenging period in the industry feels especially fitting.

As a match-up, of course, Walraven vs. Industry Challenge is no contest. Our Senior Vice President of Mortgage Services has yet to meet a roadblock she couldn’t wrangle into an opportunity.

Walraven has been a leader in the mortgage industry for three decades. She worked her way up from her first job as an REO processor in Denver after convincing a hiring manager that it would be a mistake to give the job to anyone else. It was good advice.

A Career Steeped in Innovations and Solutions

In 2007, Walraven launched Titan Lenders Corp., growing the company into a multimillion-dollar success over a period that included the subprime mortgage crisis. By focusing on technology solutions that allowed lenders to outsource back office services and put their efforts into business growth, she overcame the industry challenges of the time. In the process, Walraven drove innovations like mintrak®2™, a platform for managing MERS compliance. This solution has tamed a once punishing ordeal in data entry into a user-friendly exercise in point and click.

Today, we join NEXT, an organization dedicated to breaking gender barriers in the mortgage industry, in congratulating Walraven on being named a winner of their NEXT Powerhouse Awards – honoring career-driven women in the mortgage industry.

“Mary Walraven has always had the ability to see past the obstacles and zero in on the places where technology and process improvements can make a difference,” said Adam Östhed, President & CEO at MetaSource, LLC. “She brings a solution mindset to everything she does.”

We are extremely lucky to have Walraven on the MetaSource team. She continuously utilizes her insight and expertise in operations and platforms for retail, correspondent, and warehouse lending channels to drive transformational, technology-centered solutions. This, of course, is just another way of saying “powerhouse” in our industry.

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