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A MetaSource Win: Fitch Third-Party Review Firm Acceptance

Fitch Ratings

In a world full of mortgage due diligence vendors, it can be difficult to select the right one. You’re likely looking for a vendor with years of experience, proven processes, and the service offerings you need to succeed in the industry. If you’re looking for a vendor who meets this criteria, you’re on the right track. But your checklist may be missing a couple of very important points.

You should also be looking for more than a vendor. You should be looking for a partner. And that partner should be accepted by rating agencies as a third-party review (TPR) firm.

MetaSource is pleased to announce that we have just added to our Rating Agency Due Diligence Acceptance approvals with recognition from Fitch Ratings.

What This Acceptance Means

According to Fitch, “acceptable” TPR firms have “demonstrated proficiency in due diligence and have adequate processes and controls in place.” The rating agency takes both experience and capabilities into account when reviewing providers to determine whether they are “acceptable” or not.

“This acceptance by Fitch further affirms our status as a reliable mortgage due diligence provider,” said Mary Walraven, MetaSource’s Executive Vice President of Mortgage Solutions. “It confirms that our solutions meet industry needs and requirements.”

What Attributed to This Acceptance

MetaSource’s due diligence solutions combine the expertise of well-trained mortgage professionals with the efficiency of state-of-the-art technology. The result of this combination? Customized solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

Our clients choose from a variety of mortgage due diligence services, such as:

MetaSource offers bulk and flow due diligence services and maintains a team of seasoned experts with significant depth in underwriting, compliance, and collateral assessment knowledge.

“Our team, coupled with tech-enablement, provides superior performance and quality audits,” stated Walraven.

And MetaSource’s proprietary due diligence platform, MetaWorx®, plays a significant role in achieving these outcomes. MetaWorx offers complete transparency, streamlines the due diligence process, and provides clients with the insights they need to make smart decisions.

Our technology capabilities, seasoned staff, and industry best practice operational controls all played a part in MetaSource meeting Fitch Ratings’ requirements and receiving Tier 3 designation as a due diligence provider.

The MetaSource Difference

Having entered the TPR space in 2007, MetaSource has the experience, expertise, and proven processes required to meet the industry’s strict standards and is pleased to be recognized by Fitch.

While this is a great addition to our Rating Agency Due Diligence Acceptances, we don’t plan to stop here. We plan to persistently improve our solutions as a trusted partner who has been vetted and accepted by the rating agencies.

We have enhanced our compliance, credit, and valuation audit capabilities over the last 14 or so years, and we will continue to do so in years to come.

With years of experience, top-notch service offerings, a unique platform, and rating agency acceptance, MetaSource is fully equipped to help you succeed in the industry. We are dedicated to our clients and to continuously transforming the due diligence process through technology and expertise.

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