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MetaSource Partners with ComplianceEase to Provide Automated Compliance Testing

MetaSource, the leading provider of mortgage quality control (QC)compliance advisory and workflow automation solutions, announced it has partnered with ComplianceEase® to provide automated compliance testing for loans submitted to MetaSource for review.

Mortgage Risk Mitigation

MetaSource provides lenders with independent third-party compliance reviews of their loan pipeline to provide feedback on potential issues that may cause issues related to salability in post-closing or be uncovered during a regulatory audit. In particular, when conducting compliance checks during the pre-funding QC process, this review offers lenders significant risk mitigation benefits by addressing loan quality issues prior to funding.

The Role of ComplianceEase

“The MetaSource-ComplianceEase partnership is a natural fit, as we have had a long standing relationship with ComplianceEase and its ComplianceAnalyzer® platform,” said Mary Kladde, Senior VP of Mortgage Services at MetaSource. “Coupled with our team’s expertise in loan production, this partnership will ensure that MetaSource is able to deliver accurate, actionable results to help lenders improve their
overall loan quality when delivering loans for purchase and preparing for potential regulatory audits.”


ComplianceEase provides technology solutions to manage operational risk and regulatory compliance. Its flagship product ComplianceAnalyzer provides automated, loan-level auditing covering all levels of
regulation from federal, state, and municipal high-cost and anti-predatory laws to usury, consumer credit regulation, prepayment penalties, and more.

TRID Compliance: No More Stare & Compare

“Lenders can’t rely on the ‘stare and compare’ approach to test for compliance with TRID. Automation allows the auditing of all documents for delivery timing sequencing, fee names, tolerances, changed circumstances, and reasons for re-disclosures so they can review exceptions,” said Dan Smith, Senior VP, Sales of ComplianceEase. “We’re pleased to be selected by a third-party reviewer like MetaSource to deliver thorough loan auditing akin to what the secondary market investors and examiners will see so that lenders can originate confidently and efficiently.”

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About ComplianceEase

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., is a leading provider of risk management solutions to the financial services industry. ComplianceEase’s patented platform includes ComplianceAnalyzer, the mortgage industry’s most adopted automated compliance solution with the most comprehensive TRID auditing. ComplianceEase combines regulatory expertise with innovative technology to power end-to-end risk management solutions that help financial institutions improve compliance controls and increase profitability. The company’s growing client base includes financial institutions, service providers, law firms, GSEs and three of the top five mortgage lenders in the U.S. ComplianceEase’s automated compliance solutions have also been adopted as e-Exam tools by federal and state banking and mortgage regulators.