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Prepare for the Future with MetaSource at the MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference 2022

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A lot has changed in the mortgage industry since the last in-person Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Technology Solutions Conference in 2019. From staffing shortages caused by “The Great Resignation” to rising home prices to increasing mortgage rates, there has been a lot of uncertainty in the mortgage market just these last several months. And mortgage organizations are working hard to prepare for the undetermined future.

Cue the industry’s biggest technology conference! The MBA Technology Solutions Conference & Expo is back in-person and better than ever this year! On April 11-14 in Las Vegas, industry professionals will gather to learn all about the latest mortgage technology solutions and how they can help them prepare for whatever the future holds.

The MetaSource Team will be there, at booth #615, to talk all about innovative solutions, like Mortgage Origination Automation and Digital Mailroom, that can help you succeed in any and every climate.

Mortgage Origination Automation: Eliminating Process Friction

If you’re manually entering incoming data from borrower-facing platforms into your loan origination system (LOS), you’re not alone…but you are completing time-consuming, unnecessary tasks.

With a Mortgage Origination Automation Solution, like SymmetriTM by MetaSource, you can eliminate manual data entry and the process friction that accompanies it. Symmetri bridges point of sale (POS) platforms and LOSs to streamline the flow of information between the systems.

It results in several benefits, including increased speed to close, improved data accuracy, reduced cost to originate, and enhanced customer satisfaction. And the best part is that you can continue to reap these benefits under all market conditions – without having to hire more staff.

Interested in learning more about Mortgage Origination Automation? Stop by MetaSource’s booth at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference.

Digital Mailroom: Enhancing Efficiency

The MetaSource Team will also be showcasing our Mortgage Digital Mailroom Solution at the upcoming conference. Why? Because for many businesses in the mortgage industry, document management headaches start in the mailroom.

From borrower documents to post-closing files to everyday business correspondence, mortgage organizations’ mailrooms are flooded with documents that need to be opened, sorted, and distributed. Manually completing this process may have been an option in the past, but with remote work here to stay, it no longer is.

If remote work is the future, remote access to key documents needs to be, too. With a Digital Mailroom from MetaSource, we pick up or receive your incoming mail and then open, digitize, index, classify, and electronically distribute it to the appropriate recipients.

The solution is an end to the bottlenecks and the time wasted manually managing mail. It’s efficiency that you can use to grow your business whether you’re growing it from your office, your living room, or your suite at the Bellagio, where the MBA Technology Solutions Conference is being held, overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

MetaSource: Discussing All Things Innovation at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference

At MetaSource, we provide industry-leading software and technology solutions, along with the deep experience of the MetaSource Team, to help you eliminate the obstacles and inefficiencies that can keep you from reaching your business goals now and in the future.

Join us at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference, at booth #615, or contact us to learn how you can prepare for the future with the right solutions. We have a wide array of solutions for you to streamline your processes and recoup time you can use for better things.

Frictionless loan origination and a mailroom that goes where you go? It’s all here in 2022.

Hope to see you at the conference!

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