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Join MetaSource at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference 2019

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Panelists at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference and Expo last year zeroed in on three issues driving the industry’s embrace of technology: the effort to lower origination costs, the need for a better way to validate income and consumer demands for an improved borrower experience.

This year, a tight market and increasing disruption from the fintech corner have only added to the sense of urgency around digital transformation.

It’s a scenario in which big banks and big lenders can more easily take advantage and one that described in December as having left independent brokers struggling to keep up.

Trends Driving Mortgage Industry Automation

New tools, however, are beginning to level the playing field, and the report urged brokers to take advantage of them to adapt to the changing marketplace. Among the mortgage tech trends highlighted in the report:

  • The fully digital mortgage platform
  • Advanced predictive technologies
  • Simplified user experience

These are among the same themes that will occupy attendees at the MBA’s 2019 Technology Solutions Conference and Expo March 24-27 in Dallas, where panelists will tackle “How Technology is Changing the Mortgage Industry,” among other topics.

Cutting Inefficiencies and Reducing Errors Across the Mortgage Life Cycle

At MetaSource, we do our work at the forefront of the industry’s digital transformation. We have an entire suite of solutions and deep expertise in helping lenders, servicers and investors automate their processes across the entire life cycle of a loan, eliminating repetitive manual processes and smoothing the clunky and error-prone inefficiencies of too many disparate systems that don’t always play well together.

We know where the hardships are among the mortgage professionals balancing the changing expectations of consumers and growing competitive pressures within the demands of a regulated industry.

We’ve made it our mission to streamline the processes that stand in the way of our clients’ ability to reduce their costs and grow their business, with secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions for loan boarding, whole loan purchase review, compliance testing, document retrieval and management and a broad range of QC audits and services. We’ve brought innovative technology and deep expertise to once-onerous processes like mortgage indexing and data extraction, lien release, collateral file review and tracking and MERS reconciliation, providing our clients with the support they need to be both profitable and compliant.

Stop by booth #710 at the technology conference to speak to one of our experts and learn how we can do the same for you.

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