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Join MetaSource at 2020 Mortgage Servicing Conference

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Stop by Booth #618 at the MBA Servicing Solutions Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida on February 23rd – 26th to speak with one of our experts.

The 2020 MBA Servicing Solutions Conference and Expo will bring together experts from across the country to catch up on industry trends and best practices for managing challenges ranging from loan boarding to cybersecurity.

The MetaSource team will be there to share our wide array of technology and expertise for streamlining the processes and hurdles that can come between servicers and their efforts to operate efficiently, profitably and in compliance.

Solutions for Servicers Who Want to Grow Their Business, Shrink Their Headaches

In light of recent property flood insurance updates, the conference will include sessions dedicated to new policies and regulations impacting the industry, as well as cutting-edge practices for taking your business to the next level.

At MetaSource, our state of the art software for loan boarding, lien release and quality control provide three key tools that servicers can use to speed processing, reduce compliance risks and eliminate time sinks that reduce profitability.

MetaBoarding Loan Boarding Automation: Whether you’re purchasing a loan portfolio or boarding your client’s loans, quickly and accurately processing documents and data can be a challenge. Risks of missing or incorrectly indexed documents can expose you to compliance issues, CFPB audits, and other time-consuming and costly post-transfer data roadblocks. MetaBoarding uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate the heavy lifting, letting you quickly evaluate a portfolio prior to purchase. With this solution, you can:

  • Index documents to reduce risk stemming from missing documents
  • Automatically identify missing required documents
  • Eliminate manual “Stare and Compare” with a technology-based solution to identify servicing data discrepancies
  • Quickly board unlimited loan volume

Eclipse™ Assignment & Lien Release Document Management: Eclipse document management software enables high-volume processing and 24/7 online password protected access for tracking. It’s a streamlined solution for a sometimes treacherous process that can all too easily end up in a disruptive and expensive rejection. With Eclipse, you get the benefit of a robust platform that can manage high-volume projects with multiple assignors or assignees and multiple jurisdictions – with the lowest rejection rate of any lien release solution in the country.

Servicing QC Audits: With a MetaSource Servicing QC audit, you get more than a deep review of your processes and agency compliance. You get detailed feedback and state-of-the-art reporting you can use to do more than just improve your findings. You can trend your issues quarter over quarter and get to the source of stubborn issues. With 21 servicing audits available, we can provide you with visibility into problems and recommend solutions you can use to save time, money and aggravation.

Learn More about Our Solutions for Mortgage Servicers and Subservicers

From data extraction to document management solutions, we have the tools, the services and the expertise to help you expedite your mortgage processes and provide better client service at the same time. Our solutions are cost-effective, customizable and supported by some of the most experienced mortgage professionals in the industry.

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