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Alleviate Whole Loan Purchase Review Challenges with MetaWorx®

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Are you a correspondent investor struggling to provide your lender partners with positive experiences due to an outdated, inefficient whole loan purchase review process? Are you having trouble maintaining high loan quality? Is your team spending their time on a slow, tedious whole loan purchase review process instead of fulfilling your goals?

MetaWorx alleviates common obstacles like these, automating your workflow for faster, more efficient management of portfolios.

How MetaWorx Drives Efficiency

Built for the correspondent investor, MetaWorx is complete with productivity-increasing features, including color-coded status indicators, real-time tracking of the loan audit process, and at-a-glance visibility into progress, discrepancies, and more.

Combined with MetaSource’s team of seasoned mortgage professionals, MetaWorx facilitates a highly efficient whole loan purchase review process that cuts a 5-7 business day audit review turn time down to just 2-3 business days.

This cloud-based, “touchless” platform enables portfolios to move from intake to auditing without human intervention, dramatically increasing speed to purchase and improving the lender experience. Automated file submission and document processing create an accessible, modern workflow for a more efficient and accurate review.

MetaWorx Provides Increased Security and Productivity

This user-friendly platform provides a repository of documents for collaboration from afar. MetaWorx’s versatile workflow capability is powered by optical character recognition (OCR) that scans and codes each document into a dynamic, searchable entity.

With permanent, digital documents residing in the cloud, investors can enjoy a secure and meticulous system of risk management paired with robust, real-time reporting capabilities to flag lender performance metrics, identify training needs, and more. This, coupled with MetaWorx’s customizable review criteria, ensures that you receive the unique solution your organization needs to increase security and productivity all at once.

See MetaWorx in Action

Request a free demo or automation consultation to see MetaWorx in action. To learn more about the software and how it works, watch our latest video:

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