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How to Streamline Mortgage Origination with Automation: A Whitepaper

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Streamline Mortgage Automation

Point of Sale (POS) mortgage origination platforms have become the new standard for the modern mortgage borrower, who expects the process of applying for a mortgage to be as easy and accessible as any of the latest smartphone apps. And why shouldn’t it?

But when it comes to streamlining the mortgage origination process, these platforms can be a bit of a dead end on the lender’s side, requiring all of the data and documents that the consumer uploaded so conveniently to be re-entered and validated.


Not Easy, Cheap, or “Out of the Box”

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

mortgage solutions

Guest Blog by Mary Kladde Walraven

Digital transformation toward automation is not easy, cheap, or “out of the box.”  Any of these words used in a sales pitch or marketing material should set off major red flag warnings in your mind, pun intended.  Technology and software development in general does not typically engender itself to any of these terms, and when you add the complexity of mortgage, then it certainly doesn’t fall into these categories.


Join MetaSource at NCSHA 2019

Monday, September 30, 2019

Join MetaSource at NCSHA 2019

State Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) play a critical role in the path to home ownership for millions of families across the country, with more than $450 billion in financing delivered for the purchase, development and renovation of houses and apartments for low and middle-income families and individuals.

When HFA executive directors, staff and industry partners gather in Boston Oct. 19-22 for the 2019 National Council of State Housing Agencies Annual Conference and Showplace, the agenda will cover a broad array of topics and best practices designed to further that mission within an evolving economic, political and technological landscape.

Cost-Effective Solutions that Help HFAs Do More

At MetaSource, our team members have been providing expertise and solutions to the affordable housing marketplace for decades, and we have a constantly evolving array of products and services that help housing agencies streamline the work they do with solutions for cost-effective outsourcing and automation.


A Glimpse into the Mortgage Industry's Digital Future

Friday, August 30, 2019

Digital Mortgage 2019

The Digital Mortgage conference in Las Vegas later this month will bring together some of the most innovative minds in the industry to share a world of new technology that is slowly but surely pushing the mortgage business out of its over-stuffed file folders and into a (mostly) paperless future.

Among other topics, speakers will cover the prospects for “A Fully Digital Mortgage – It’s closer than you think,” and “Achieving 100% Digital Mortgage Adoption.”

At the same time, there is recognition that as digital transformations go, the mortgage industry may be on the path, but the finish line is still a few file folders away.

Amid so many promising new solutions for harnessing the efficiency and easy access of digital document management, the challenge of integrating disparate systems remains.


Join MetaSource in Chicago for MBA's Risk Management, QA and Fraud Prevention Forum

Monday, August 26, 2019

Symmetri Bridging the Gap for Mortgage Origination

While the residential real estate market is a mixed bag of indicators from too few houses for sale to a record share of purchases by investors and uncertainty over interest rates, industry professionals know that effective strategies for fraud prevention and quality control are a good investment in every economy.

The Mortgage Banker Association’s annual Risk Management, QA and Fraud Prevention Forum helps mortgage industry professionals keep up with the latest threats and risk management strategies. The Sept. 15-17 event in Chicago will include sessions on risk management and analytics, underwriting and quality assurance and fraud prevention. Attendees will hear from economists, fraud investigators and GSE representatives on topics ranging from measuring and tracking loan defect rates to the trends in wire and cyberfraud, among other forms of mortgage fraud that experts say are still growing.


Symmetri: Bridging the Gap for Mortgage Origination

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Symmetri Bridging the Gap for Mortgage Origination

Technology has brought some impressive solutions to the mortgage industry even if paperwork still occasionally has the upper hand.

Consumers have seen their share of the process simplified dramatically with the emergence of Rocket Mortgage and other mortgage point of sale (POS) platforms, with lenders rushing to get their own versions out into the market.

But in an industry with so many moving parts, innovation in one part of the process doesn't necessarily transfer well to the other systems needed to complete the loan origination process, creating frustrating gaps in the streamlining effort.


MetaSource’s 'Symmetri' to Streamline Loan Origination with Bridge Between Borrower Centric and Lender LOS Platforms

Thursday, August 01, 2019

MetaSource Launches Symmetri Software

MetaSource®, a leading provider of mortgage quality control services and technology, has launched its latest solution for the mortgage industry with software that bridges borrower-friendly loan origination platforms with the back-office loan origination platforms used by lenders.

Symmetri™ is a software integration solution that will streamline the flow of mortgage information that is collected from consumer point of sale (POS) platforms. As a growing number of mortgages originate within these popular and easy-to-use customer interfaces, lenders have been left with a gap that requires time-consuming and clunky manual processes for getting borrower information into their systems.


Servicer Worries Compounded by Prospect of Having to Scrutinize Portfolio of ARMs for LIBOR Terms

Monday, July 01, 2019

Servicer Worries Compounded by Prospect of Having to Scrutinize Portfolio of ARMs for Terms

Uncertainty over what will replace the long-used London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) as an index for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) if it is phased out in 2021 as expected has mortgage servicers with large portfolios of adjustable rate loans scrambling to establish next steps.

The head of pricing and execution for Freddie Mac described industry concerns as “almost Y2K-ish” according to a National Mortgage News account of a recent panel discussion at the Mortgage Bankers Association National Secondary Market Conference.

In April, the publication described “an alarming lack of progress” in preparations for conversion in the two years since it became known that LIBOR was on its way out as a global reference lending rate.


Learn, Connect and Lead: Join MetaSource at MERS User Conference

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

MERS User Conference and e-Mortgage Boot Camp

Collaboration and innovation are the themes of this year's MERS® User Conference and e-Mortgage Boot Camp June 24-26 in Reston, Va.

And whether you're beginning or an experienced MERS user or someone who is looking to learn more about successful eMortgage implementation, you are sure to come away with a wealth of new knowledge. The digital transformation of the mortgage industry has brought powerful efficiencies to some of the most complex and paper-intensive processes to be found in any industry.


MetaSource Adds New MERS Reconciliation Feature to Popular mintrak² Platform

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

MetaSource Adds New MERS Reconciliation Feature to Popular mintrak² Platform

Incremental Updates Allow Servicers to Correct Data Whenever They Wish

MetaSource, a leading provider of mortgage quality control services and technology, has added a new feature to its market-leading solution for Mortgage Electronic Registry System (MERS®) reconciliation that will give users more control over the process of sending updated data to the MERS electronic mortgage registry.


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