Trailing Document Scanning & Processing

Trailing Document Scanning & Processing

Lenders originating 50 to 500 mortgages per month struggle to scan and process the resulting 200 to 1,500+ trailing documents in time to avoid investor nastigrams and fines – more and more investors are issuing fines after 60 days or even 30 days after the loan closes if they don't have all the trailing docs in hand. Slow trailing doc processing also delays cash flow from the sale of mortgages to investors.

Our trailing document service dramatically streamlines their processing, eliminates leakage and pays for itself.

Prep & Scanning

Instead of having all trailing documents sent to your mailroom, only to pile up in the cubicles of your staff, we have all of the following sent to a PO box. We pick them up daily, prep them for scanning and then scan all document types, including:

  • Title policies and addendums: about 45 pages of stapled, double sided paper that need to be put back in the folder following scanning
  • Deeds of trust
  • Homeowner insurance (HOI) and hazard insurance policies
  • Private mortgage insurance policies
  • Mortgage insurance certifications from FHA
  • Loan guarantee certifications (LGC) from VA
  • Final certified copy of the closing disclosure (CD)
  • Other modified documents, correspondence and miscellaneous

Workflow & Outbound Calls

Once all of your trailing documents are scanned, we log into your loan origination system (LOS) and, with read-only access, review the final lending instructions.

For information that doesn't match or documents that are missing, our team will make outbound calls to acquire what is needed from the recorder of deeds, title company, etc. Once the file is complete, we will send electronic versions and originals to the lender, investor and/or any other party that needs them. For example, if the loan file is missing a 104.1 endorsement, we’ll make the call and get it sent to our PO box, complete the file and send it to the investor.


We use MetaStor mortgage document management software to store all trailing documents and to report to lenders on a weekly basis to identify what's missing from each loan file.

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