Whole Loan Purchase Review Service: Document Custody & Retention

MetaSource Mortgage offers short term (up to two years) to retain your whole loan purchase review documents and/or collateral in our secure vault facility. While your loans are in transition, We can store, review and perfect your final loan packages and/or collateral prior to shipping and delivery into long term storage. We offers a robust imaging, indexing and digital storage option using our proprietary platform.

  1. MetaSource Mortgage certifies the complete and accurate representation of the documents within its control
  2. MetaSource Mortgage will hold all notes, assignments and loan documentation in our secure value facility
  3. MetaSource Mortgage will release documents, append bailee at the direction of Client
  4. MetaSource Mortgage will employ internal controls and use prudent business practices to safeguard and maintain all notes, assignments and loan documentation
  5. MetaSource Mortgage will ensure that all staff is trained best practices for the handling of notes, assignments and loan documentation
  6. MetaSource Mortgage will maintain an internal, independent document tracking and reporting system to monitor documents and track releases, returns and the physical location of all documents
  7. MetaSource Mortgage will maintain best-in-class policies and procedures, security protocols, and a business continuity plan for all documents

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