mintrak®2™ MERS QA Auditing Software

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MERS QA requirements are challenging to meet without a reconciliation and remediation solution like mintrak2. This world class software was specifically built to help members save time, avoid making errors, and handle the confusing, manual processes with ease.

Descriptive Transcript

Fade from black to a man riding a bike on a path next to a lake in the mountains.

Soft music fades in.

Speaker: “Have you ever tried riding a bike without wheels? No.”

The front wheel of the bike disconnects from the frame and rolls away. The man falls off his bike and the shot focuses in on a rolling wheel.

Speaker: “And you shouldn’t try to meet MERS QA requirements without a reconciliation solution either.”

Color lines circulate around the wheel and a white growing circle fills the background. Files emerge where the wheel was and, above the files, the on-screen text appears: “You Shouldn’t Try to Meet MERS QA Requirements Without a Reconciliation Solution.”

A page is lifted from the files to reveal a page full of checkboxes.

Speaker: “Servicers struggle every day to meet MERS reconciliation requirements.”

A hand appears checking off the boxes on the page. The hand slides out of screen.

Color bar lines circulate around the files and transitions into a clock. The clock’s hands spin around quickly as the screen zooms in.

Speaker: “You need to find enough time, quadruple check your work for errors, and, not to mention, figure out how the process works in the first place.”

A fade transitions the clock to a person drawing a checkmark.

Speaker: “It can really feel like you’re trying to ride a bike without wheels.”

Slide transition to the stray bike wheel bouncing along the path in the mountains, eventually bouncing off screen.

Speaker: “But it doesn’t have to.”

A man emerges riding the bike with both wheels attached.

Speaker: “With a world class solution specifically built for MERS data reconciliation,”

Following the biker, a slide transitions to a man sitting at a desk with MetaSource’s mintrak2 platform on his laptop. A thought bubble is from the man’s head contains a light bulb and the on-screen text reads: “World Class Solution”

Speaker: “you can save yourself time,”

The light bulb transitions to a clock in the thought bubble.

Speaker: “avoid making errors,”

The clock transitions to an error alert in the thought bubble.

Speaker: “and handle confusing, manual processes with ease.”

The error alerts transitions to an “OK” hand sign.

Speaker: “You just need a platform that provides incredibly quick data remediation, an automated user-friendly interface, and an audit trail that tracks and monitors compliance efforts specific to MERS QA standards.”

Zoom in to focus on the man’s laptop with a dashboard within mintrak2.

Growing circle transitions to documents in stacks across the screen. The documents disperse from their stacks and the screen zooms into the floating documents.

Speaker: “A reliable, easy-to-use data reconciliation system is critical to meeting MERS requirements and maintaining that portfolio database you worked so hard to build.”

As the documents flip over, a grey screen appears revealing a single document with an award stamp and a checkmark. The single document flips to reveal another screenshot of mintrak2 platform.

Speaker: “MetaSource’s reconciliation and remediation platform, mintrak2, is built to help you do just that. Plus, mintrak2 provides electronic flat file submission of updated data directly to MERS.”

The Reconcile screen of mintrak2 slowly builds on screen.

Speaker: “or simply downloads the corrected information for updating your servicing platform.”

Growing colorful circle transitions to a white screen with a descending bar graph titled “Error Rates Down.”

Speaker: “You can reduce error rates,”

Next to the bar graph, an icon of dots connected by a line titled “Reconcile Data” appears.

Speaker: “reconcile inconsistent data fast,”

Next to the previous icon, a checkmark titled “Faster Corrections” appears.

Speaker: “and make corrections even faster.”

The screen pans out to reveal many MetaSource employees standing and smiling.

Speaker: “Plus, the MetaSource MERS team will custom map your data and show you how easy it is to map yourself in mintrak2.”

A circle appears around the MetaSource employees with the MetaSource logo above them.

Speaker: “Not to mention, the team of experts will walk you through the entire reconciliation process so you’re always on track.”

The tagline “Always on track.” appears beneath the logo.

Growing colorful circle transitions to a man riding a bike down a paved road with the MetaSource logo on his back.

Speaker: “MetaSource mintrak2 QA auditing and compliance software: save time, avoid errors, handling a confusing, manual processes with ease, and make your data reconciliation process as easy as riding a bike.”

The screen zooms into the MetaSource logo on the man’s back, filling the screen. Below the logo, the on-screen text appears: “Visit or call (888) 634-7684 to learn more today!”

Screen fades to black.

Music fades out.