MetaWorx® Mortgage Audit Workflow Automation

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MetaSoure’s MetaWorx enables mortgage investors to reduce errors, save time and money, improve loan quality, and, ultimately, drastically improve the whole loan purchase review process.

Descriptive Transcript

Screen fades from black to a graphic of a frowning businessman sitting at a desk typing on a computer.

Music plays in the background.

A speaker narrates: “Meet Investor Ian, an intelligent investor with years of experience in the correspondent lending market.”

A clipboard appears next to Ian with a checklist and the word “QUALIFICATIONS” on it.

Speaker: “While Investor Ian has been successful in the market, he’s also experienced a great deal of challenges that are putting his professional relationships at risk and keeping him from fulfilling his goals.”

The camera focuses on Investor Ian’s face where multiple thought bubbles appear. One has the text “5 STAR RATING” with 5 yellow stars above the text and two businessmen shaking hands in the other thought bubble. Investor Ian smiles.

Speaker: “Ian longs to provide his correspondent lender partners with the positive experiences they expect, while also making more time for him and his team to focus on more high-value tasks.”

A family standing in front of a suburban home appears behind Ian.

Speaker: “But there’s been something that’s been standing in his way.”

The image of the family shatters transitioning to someone reviewing documents with graphs with a magnifying glass.

Speaker: “His whole loan purchase review process.”

Speaker: “It’s outdated, slow, and highly inefficient. Because of it, Investor Ian and his team are struggling to make ends meet with a 5 to 7 business day audit turn time.”

Slide transition to a calendar with a sign with on-screen text “5-7 BUSINESS DAY AUDIT TURN TIME” on the top left-hand side. 6 days are crossed out with an X and the seventh day is marked with the on-screen text: “REVIEW FINISHED”

Speaker: “To make matters worse, he consistently finds errors that could put his portfolio at risk.”

Swirl transition to a graphic of an error sign and the on-screen text: “CONSISTENT ERRORS”

Speaker: “But what if investor Ian could cut that turn time down to just 2 to 3 business days,”

Slide transition to another calendar with a sign with on-screen text “2-3 BUSINESS DAY AUDIT TURN TIME” on the top left-hand side. 2 days are crossed out with an X and the third day is marked with the on-screen text: “REVIEW FINISHED”, marking a shorter turn time.

Speaker: “drastically improve the whole loan purchase review process for his lender partners,”

Zoom in transitions to a turning gear surrounded by arrows with on-screen text: “WHOLE LOAN PURCHASE REVIEW PROCESS”

Speaker: “save both time and money,”

Speaker: “and improve the quality of his loans simultaneously?”

Speaker: “Thanks to MetaSource’s mortgage audit workflow automation platform, MetaWorx, he can.”

Zoom out transition to a laptop with the MetaWorx logo and login screen.

Speaker: “MetaWorx is a web-based, technology-enabled solution, combined with seasoned loan auditors,”

The camera zooms out and the laptop moves to the left with a plus sign on its right-hand side. To the right of the plus sign isa group of MetaSource employees with an equal sign on their right-hand side. On the right of the equal sign is Investor Ian with his hands in the air and jumping. The MetaWorx logo is above all of the images.

Speaker: “built with the correspondent investor in mind. It offers advanced, rule-based decisioning made from documentation provided and key data points entered into the system.”

Page turning transition to a man at a desk with a computer. The computer screen has the MetaWorx logo and an error message with the on-screen text: “MISSING DOCUMENTS.”

The camera gradually zooms in to the computer screen while the speaker says: “Based on loan parameters, MetaWorx can notify you if required documents are missing and can even let you know if it receives documents it’s not expecting, such as a right of rescission on a purchase file.”

Slide up transition to a screenshot of the MetaWorx platform.

Speaker: “MetaSource works with investors to customize their review criteria for determining risk and to provide rapid identification and correction of defects via MetaWorx.”

Growing circle transition to the MetaWorx logo with on-screen text underneath: “REAL-TIME INTERACTIVE COLLABORATION”

Zoom out on the logo and text to reveal three images making a triangle. The top image is of investors with on-screen text “INVESTORS” below them. The bottom right image is of lenders with on-screen text “LENDERS” below them. The bottom left image is of MetaSource employees with the MetaSource logo below them.

Speaker: “Not to mention, MetaWorx comes equipped with interactive capabilities that allow investors to collaborate with lenders and the MetaSource audit team in real time, making it much easier to mitigate risk, make better purchase decisions, and maintain strong relationships with lending partners.”

Fade to white transition to MetaWorx logo.

An illustration of two businessmen shaking hands appears below the text.

Speaker: “The system combined with the process, provides transparency to all parties working towards purchase of the loan file.”

Zoom in transition to cars driving on a road.

Speaker: “With MetaWorx, Investor Ian can improve his speed to purchase and achieve higher loan quality, making his correspondent, lender partners, and himself much happier and more profitable.”

Zoom in transition to smiling Investor Ian driving in one of the cars.

Speaker: “Here’s how it works.”

Slide transition to a screenshot of the uploading page in the MetaWorx platform.

Speaker: “First, lenders easily upload files directly into MetaWorx.”

A mouse pointer appears on screen and clicks the MetaWorx “UPLOAD” button. The upload icon moves from the button and flies off screen. Cut to a screenshot of the document center page in the MetaWorx platform.

Speaker: “Then the uploaded documents are classified, bookmarked, and stored in the document center where all authorized parties can access them.”

Fade to white transition and a checklist icon appears.

Speaker: “From there, the system identifies discrepancies based on your requirements as the investor and MetaSource’s team of mortgage experts get to work so you don’t have to.”

Slide transition to MetaSource logo above a meeting with six business people sitting around a conference table.

Speaker: “Our experienced auditors will review the loan files and issue audit findings on your behalf, enabling you to allocate more of your time and resources to more valuable tasks.”

Zoom in and fade transition to smiling Investor Ian working at a computer.

Speaker: “Next, lenders upload purchase conditions into MetaWorx where MetaSource will review and clear them or issue additional suspense items.”

Slide up transition to a laptop uploading documents to the MetaWorx, represented by the logo above it.

Speaker: “Once all conditions are cleared, the file can be released for purchase.”

Growing circle transition to Investor Ian sitting at desk with a computer accessing documents from MetaWorx, represented by the logo above the computer.

Speaker: “MetaWorx will deliver the digital loan documents back to you with any customized stacking requirements as needed. Images can be delivered individually or as a master package with all documents individually bookmarked.”

Slide transition to a United States map zooming in on the MetaWorx logo with radiating digital lines across the country.

Speaker: “And finally, MetaSource can track post-purchase trailing documents to ensure timely delivery. If timely delivery is not received, MetaSource can retrieve the missing trailing documents for you. No lender assistance necessary.”

A turning gear icon appears below the MetaWorx logo.

Speaker: “Accommodations for delivery of servicing packages for onboarding purposes”

An icon of an arrow pointing into four horizontal lines appears below the MetaWorx logo.

Speaker: “as well as government insuring submissions can also be automated with ease. And all of this is tracked in real time with MetaWorx.”

Slide transition to Investor Ian driving in a car.

Speaker: “The automated process has drastically improved the whole loan purchase review process for Investor Ian,”

Transition to a family standing in front of a house.

Speaker: “and it can do the same for you.”

Slide transition to MetaWorx logo.

Speaker: “Give us a call at (888) 634-7684, email us at, or visit for more information.”

Screen fades to black and music fades out.