QC Audit Services

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Descriptive Transcript

Fade from black to a businesswoman sitting back in her chair with her feet up on her desk.

Music gradually begins playing.

Screen gradually zooms in.

Speaker: “See that woman over there, happily planning out her growth strategy for the upcoming year? That’s Mary, the Mortgage Lender. Unlike most professionals in the lending market, she has time to focus on expanding her loan portfolio because she doesn’t spend time worrying about complying with mortgage QC audit standards.”

An explosion sound emphasizes the transition of disassembling puzzle pieces revealing Mary sitting at desk, cluttered with stacks of paper, binders, and boxes. Her hands on her head as she frantically looks at all the paper. The background in tinted dark and zigzags emphasize stress above Mary’s head.

Speaker: “But that’s not how it always was. Before Mary found her QC partner, MetaSource, she was stressed, dealing with inefficient audit processes that put her and her team behind and at risk of noncompliance.”

Green slide transitions to Mary smiling in front of her cheering coworkers.

Speaker: “Now, with MetaSource’s mortgage audit services,”

Zoom into Mary, white background covers Mary’s coworkers.

Speaker: “Mary is in sync with GSEs quality control standards and works alongside reliable, seasoned mortgage QC professionals who complete her audits accurately and in a timely manner.”

Green slide transitions to a white screen with the MetaSource logo and three circles connected to the logo with lines. The circles include the on-screen text: “PRE-FUND AUDITS,” “POST-CLOSE AUDITS,” and “LOAN-LEVEL SERVICING QC AUDITS.”

Speaker: “At MetaSource, our audit services include both pre-fund and post-close audits, as well as loan-level servicing QC audits.”

Shimmers highlight the bubble as the indicated audit is spoken. Simultaneously, the bubbles zoom out and a green heart shape zooms in to view with a team of employees working at a desk together at the center of the heart.

Speaker: “While the heart of these services is the detailed findings our team of mortgage experts delivers,”

The heart graphic zooms out and the QLink logo zooms in to view.

Speaker: “the power is the actionable data that is made readily available by our mortgage compliance reporting software, QLink.”

Speaker: “QLink is MetaSource’s very own proprietary QC reporting and audit organization tool. It was built to make your job easier because MetaSource knows that when we deliver your audit reports to you, your work begins.”

A yellow folder with the QLink logo spins towards a computer screen transitioning to a scene of Mary sitting at her work desk.

A mouse pointer on the computer screen clicks on the Qlink folder and a sheet of paper appears with the QLink logo at the top with a checklist of QLink benefits.

Speaker: “QLink allows you to easily view and sort findings, analyze them to track trends, easily share them with colleagues, and export via Excel.”

The screen quickly zooms into the QLink logo, then zooms out to reveal a computer screen with QLink platform being shown. The screen zooms in to focus on the laptop screen.

Speaker: “With QLink, you have the ability to review, revise, and validate findings in just a few clicks, expediting the entire QC process”

Zoom out transition to a team of smiling employees working at a laptop together.

Speaker: “and saving your team valuable time for other important tasks.”

Zoom in transition to Mary smiling and typing on a laptop at a park on an autumn day.

Speaker: “Since QLink is a web-based solution, you can even get real-time insights into key quality control metrics,”

Cut to view of Mary’s laptop using the QLink platform.

Speaker: “report statuses, and workflow processes from anywhere, at any time.”

the QLink logo slides up on the screen with a clock icon.

Speaker: “Not to mention, with QLink, we’re able to provide you with industry-leading turn times,”

Laptop screen slides to reveal a “POST-CLOSE AUDIT CALENDAR” with 30 days marked off. Once 29 days are marked off on the calendar, an icon that says “COMPLETED” appears on day 30.

Speaker: “including a post-close QC turn time of 30 to 35 days. Our priority is always to ensure that you comply with GSE standards, while also making your workday as easy as possible.”

Zoom out transition to a laptop screen with the MetaSource logo at the top, the on-screen text “COMMUNICATION WITH OUR CLIENTS IS A PRIORITY.”, and a group of lenders connected to a group of vendors with arrows streaming back and forth between the two.

Speaker: “MetaSource knows that QC is a detailed process that takes both the engagement of the lender and the vendor to produce quality."

Screen gradually zooms out of laptop screen to reveal a network of MetaSource employees connected to the laptop.

Speaker: “And that’s why communication with our clients is a priority. MetaSource assigns client-specific teams and grants access to those teams for questions.”

Slide transition to a split screen of a MetaSource employee on a call with Mary, while both work on laptops at desks.

Speaker: “Additionally, we conduct monthly calls to review concerns and revisions. This collaboration ensures calibration of findings to eliminate unnecessary revisions on your behalf. Internal management and investor reports can also be produced with ease using QLink.”

Zoom in transition to Mary smiling, sitting at her desk, with her feet on the desk, and her hands behind her head.

Speaker: “MetaSource’s mortgage audit services: Processes so stress free, you’ll have the time to focus on what you do best.”

Zoom in the Mary’s MetaSource mug to transition to a white screen with the MetaSource logo at the top and contact information below.

Speaker: “Give us a call at (888) 634-7684, email us at marketing@metasource.com, or visit mortgage.metasource.com for more information.”

Music fades out.

Screen fades to black.