Mortgage Indexing & Data Extraction Services

During the mortgage data capture process, clients will either require that indexes are created so that documents can be identified and retrieved or they will require indexing and data extraction. Sometimes that data extraction might be as simple as extracting a date from key documents (like disclosures) to sort them from initial to final or extracting hundreds of fields to send to the LOS, the Servicing platform, or to use for data integrity reconciliations. We have the experience and software to ensure the highest level of accuracy, quickly:

  • Technology: MetaSource uses Captiva, the leading document scanning, capture and optical character recognition (OCR) software in the world; we also sell this software to clients that want to perform indexing and data extraction in-house
  • Process: our content and data capture process is used for about 450 mortgage clients
  • People: our 600 mortgage experts perform the manual component of indexing and data extraction using our "key, key, compare" process and quality control

A key to success for MetaSource is that our process uses a single document classification taxonomy – MetaClass – that we map to our client's document classification list. With MetaClass, we teach our technology and people a single taxonomy that delivers exceptional results for every one of our mortgage clients.

Automated OCR & Manual Data Capture

The indexing and data extraction process is automated using leading OCR software whenever possible but data may need to be manually entered based on document type and quality. Where manual data capture is used, our experienced mortgage staff of 600 team members perform the manual entry using a process known as key, key, compare to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

  • OCR: automatically extracts machine-readable text from documents – where the accuracy is not high enough, the information must be manually captured
  • Barcodes: read during scanning, barcodes automatically, cost-effectively and quickly capture key index information such as document type or loan number
  • Key, Key, Compare: the highest accuracy manual data capture process available, the data key by two different people; in the event of a discrepancy, the third operator is prompted to resolve the discrepancy

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